The National LGBT Cancer Network has selected these resources because of their commitment to offering safe, affordable, welcoming care to all LGBT people. In most facilities, we’ve included a Personal Contact who will guide you in setting up your appointments and assure your comfort and safety when you arrive.

Facilities highlighted in yellow are “NCI Designated Cancer Centers.” In all there are 67 facilities across the country but we have only included in this directory those that successfully create a welcoming environment for LGBT patients and survivors(Click for more information on the NCI designation).

While we know that LGBT people live with cancer in all 50 states, we are sorry to report that we have been unsuccessful in locating treatment facilities that meet our strict criteria in 9 states: If you know of a facility that you would like to recommend, please contact us at

If you would like to be included or removed from this database, or if you have spotted outdated information, please email us at