Cultural Competency Training

We offer our nationally recognized LGBT cultural competency trainings for health and human service providers

Contact us for information for scheduling a training for your organization, healthcare facility or university.

Reexamining LGBT Healthcare, our LGBT cultural competence program for healthcare and social service workers, is available for training your staff. Designed originally for training all 38,000 employees of the New York City Health and Hospital Corporation (the largest municipal hospital system in the country), it has been continuously updated and will be customized for use in your facility, university or social service organization.

After customizing the curriculum to meet the needs of your facility, one of our experienced trainers can come to your site. Or, you can choose to own the curriculum, including the videos, slides, activities and evaluations, for continued trainings to your staff. Access to the curriculum is only available to organizations and individuals who attend our Train the Trainer workshops that address principles of individual change and the use of the curriculum components.

The Training

Cultural Competency Trainings can be as varied as the cultures they are helping organizations learn to navigate. Trainings can range from under an hour to a full day and can take place with a handful of individuals or an auditorium full of people. Participants can vary in many ways, including age, staff role, and level of exposure to LGBTQ issues. And the focus of trainings can range from the very basic to highly focused trainings on single issues, such as cancer or HIV.

As a result, one single Cultural Competency Training curriculum cannot serve all needs. Trainings needs to be adapted to fit the specific cultural competency needs of the requesting organization, university or healthcare facility. The multi media Reexamining LGBT Healthcare curriculum is designed to be easily customized for a wide range of training needs, lengths and formats.

Contact us for information about scheduling a training for your organization, healthcare facility or university.

The Curriculum

Due to the complexity of the curriculum, access is only available to organizations and individuals who have attended a Train the Trainer workshop that explains the core curriculum components and our model for improving the LGBT cultural competence of healthcare professionals.

The Train the Trainer curriculum consists of three major components:

Recognizing Culturally Competent Organizations

Healthcare, social service organizations, and individual providers that have received LGBTQ cultural competency trainings from our organization may be eligible for recognition as either an Ally or Champion to the LGBT Community. We will send out Recognition Posters to those who have met our criteria for inclusion.

Benefits of recognition include: listing in our online directory of LGBT culturally competent providers, and recognition posters that are suitable for framing or inclusion on your facility or organization’s website.

The criteria for recognition are attached here.

What Others Have Said About Our Trainings:

“Liz Margolies’ presentation on the health disparities in the LGBT population for the Cancer Services Programs statewide was eye-opening, educating and system-changing for my particular partnership. We had previously assumed that we were doing our best to reach the underserved and uninsured, but Liz’s presentation gave us the right tools to help us identify and serve the LGBT population in need of our services in our community in a culturally sensitive manner.”

            Christina Ventura, BA, MPH, Program Director, Cancer Services Program of Putnam County, Mahopac, NY

“Thanks so much for your wonderful presentation to my staff. You offered practical, no-cost suggestions… and quick and easy strategies to ease the comfort levels for LGBT folks reaching out for our services.”

              Rosalie Canosa, LCSW-R, MPA, Program Division Director, CancerCare, NY, NY

“It has been my pleasure on several occasions to hear Liz Margolies speak about the cancer risks affecting the LGBT community and the barriers they face to screening and early detection. I learn something new each time I hear her speak. She is especially eloquent on the the subject of the continuum of gender identity.”

            Carol Weber, Program Director, Cancer Services Program, Western Queens, NY

 “With much of what Liz shared, light bulbs were going off in my head. I found myself thinking, “Well, of course!”. All of this makes perfect sense but even as a straight person who considers herself an ally, it just didn’t occur to me. Liz’s insights will definitely be coming back to me both as I interact directly with patients and in my program development efforts. Remembering Liz’s thoughts I hope will shape me into a more culturally aware clinician.”

             Anonymous attendee at a presentation to the Colorado School of Public Health, Aurora, CO

To schedule a Presentation or Train the Trainer workshop, please contact the National LGBT Cancer Network.