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What in the World Is LGBT Cultural Competence, Anyway?

I applaud the recent news out of D.C.; their City Council unanimously approved a bill requiring that all continuing education programs for licensed health care professionals include LGBT-related “cultural competency” training.

Before we rush to train health care providers, I recommend we slow down and ask the big questions. What do we mean by LGBT cultural competence? (We are not all employing a clear or identical definition.) What are our training goals and how can we know if we achieved them? (A huge roar of applause is not an evaluation method.) What, (if anything) is it reasonable to expect to achieve in a two-hour training? Is “learning about LGBT people” going to make any difference in the multiple health disparities in our community?...continue reading on Huffington Post

Support Groups for Survivors: Commemorating National Minority Cancer Awareness Week

In 2013, the National LGBT Cancer Network and LGBT HealthLink surveyed over 300 LGBTQ-identified cancer survivors and found that, overwhelmingly, our communities needed LGBTQ-targeted support. Mainstream, “straight-identified” cancer support groups too often left our people’s cancer experiences shut out of the dialogue. LGBTQ survivors also told us that doctors were not open enough to our needs and sometimes were overtly hostile. Cancer support groups by and for LGBTQ members were the number one request made by survivors who participated in our survey...continue reading on Diverse Elders Coalition