LGBT Best and Promising Practices Throughout the Cancer Curriculum

Cancer has indelibly left a disproportionate mark on the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) communities. We understand more than ever how the stress and stigma experienced by sexual and gender minority communities interacts with cancer, one of the most devastating of health challenges.

For these reasons and more, LGBT HealthLink, the National LGBT Cancer Network, and our LGBT BPP Cancer Committee undertook the important task to identify best practices in this arena with the hope that many will take this information and create better systems, policies, and practices out of these best and promising practices found in this report. Discover the Best Practices

LGBT Patient-Centered Outcomes

An increasing body of research suggests that patient assessments of the quality of their own healthcare are more predictive of health outcomes than provider ratings. Importantly, those that are the most satisfied with their healthcare tend to stay healthier. These findings have led to a new movement in healthcare, moving from “what’s the matter” with patients to “what matters” to patients. We describe this approach as “patient-centered care.” Read the Full Report

LGBT Cultural Competence Best Practices Manual

Download the LGBT Cultural Competence Best Practices Manual

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